Advanced Search and Rescue

District: District 01
County: Porter
Location: MAAC Training Center

Advanced Search and Rescue (2 Day Class)

When:  Nov 4 and 5 

Location:  MAAC-Valpo

Times:  8a-4p

You need to have a desire to want to be proficient in firefighter skills under

many different circumstances. These skills could save your life and the life of

your fellow firefighters.

This training is applicable to all firefighters that respond to structure fires. This

is a hands-on class. Students will spend minimal time in a classroom. It is

recommended that attendees be certified to the Firefighter I level and be in

reasonable good physical condition.


Air Management

Firefighter Packaging

Drags & Carries

Thermal Imaging




Search with Hose


Hand Line Orientation



Final Drill


1. Provide a safe learning and working

environment for all students, instructors, and


2. Conduct quality training by providing

experiential based and student experimental

learning opportunities that result in stronger

decision making skills and adaptable leaders

3. To share lessons learned in the Indiana Smoke

Diver program that would be valuable to all

firefighters in the State of Indiana.

4. Conduct a well managed class by preparing and

maintaining the schedule and implementing a

strong and reliable incident command system.

This program is sponsored by the Indiana Department of

Homeland Security (IDHS) and delivered in partnership with

the Indian Smoke Diver Association (ISD).

To register go to: Indiana Firefighter Training System (IFTS)

Note: This class is taught by ISD members but it is not the ISD program

Class Properties

Start Time: 11-04-2017 8:00 am
End Time: 11-04-2017 4:00 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 24    [View List]
Cut Off 11-04-2017
Location MAAC Training Center
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