102 - Firefighter I

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icon Firefighter I Curriculum (Instructor Only (222.06 MB)

Course Hours: 48

Course Description:

The purpose of the Firefighter I course is to provide entry level firefighters with the knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements as outlined in NFPA 1001. Candidates must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to function safely and effectively on emergency scenes and be able to perform the basic tasks assigned. To obtain certification candidates must successfully complete the practical skills, score at least a 70% on the state written exam and meet ALL prerequisites prior to testing. Candidates should expect to spend study and practice time outside of class to prepare for the written and practical examinations.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to understand and apply the principles of fire behavior; building construction; water distribution systems; fixed fire protection systems; ventilation; hose streams; fire prevention; and inspections, ladders, and rescue techniques. (National Fire Protection Association Standard 1001 for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications).

18 Years of Age at the time of testing, Indiana Resident or Indiana Fire Department Affliliation

Successful demonstration of all skills contained in the JPR's of NFPA 1001 for FFI, satisfactory completion of theFFI  state final practical skills examination, a minimum score of 70% on the FFI state final written examination.

Additional Information

Major topics covered in the course are the fire department organization, communications, incident command system, ropes and knots, fire behavior, safety, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, respiratory protection, ventilation, hose lines, forcible entry, search and rescue procedures, and ladder and sprinkler systems. 

icon Firefighter I Curriculum (Instructor Only (222.06 MB)

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