701 - Investigator I

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icon Investigator 1 Curriculum (Instructor Only (395.43 MB)

Instructional Hours: 80

Course Description:

This program is intended for delivery to those involved in the investigation process. The program consists of instruction and practical exercises in the areas of cause and origin determination, report writing, scene processing, and evidence handling. Topics on burn pattern recognition, point of origin, scene documentation, interviewing techniques, and scene safety will also be addressed at length over the course.

Upon completion, students will have a base knowledge of arson investigation practices and will have had the opportunity to physically examine example fire scenes, process evidence, and create a professional resume’ or curriculum vitae. 


18 Years of age

Indiana resident

Additional Information:

Included with this course are final written and practical skills examinations.  Upon successful completion of the practical examination and written examination, the participant shall become certified as an Indiana certified Fire Investigator, per NFPA 1033 as outlined in the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education.  

icon Investigator 1 Curriculum (Instructor Only (395.43 MB)

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